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Our philosophy

Linguu is concerned with the learning of a language, however in regard to communication underpins language skills with an essential understanding of native thought processes and cultural background providing effective all round communication skills.

“A holistic approach”, setting you one step ahead of others in the vital field of communication.

We inform, help with orientation and provide you not only with a language qualification, but also with a country specific preparation, so that ‘foreign’ very quickly changes to ‘familiar’ in the minds of all our clients.

We feel it is very important to enable good relations with the members of another country. The more one knows about a country and the language, the more one becomes ‘familiar’ with its ways, experiences as many new impressions as one can…the less likely we are to cause misunderstandings.

Our training is lively and active. We focus upon personal practice-related questions and therefore each course group is made up of a maximum of 6 participants. You will be supported by native speakers with broad experience on an international level.

Video comments from the participants